We provide culturally competent rehabilitation services for children, adolescents, adults, and families.
people having a therapy session

We provide quality and comprehensive mental health rehabilitation services to our clients. We strive to:

  • Improve the ability of the client to function in his/her own environment/community
  • Reduce social isolation in children with persistent psychiatric symptoms through the creation of a therapeutic environment that is warm, inviting, supportive, and interactive
  • Teach clients autonomy and self-esteem
  • Involve family/closed relations as much as possible

Our agency will work collaboratively with other community-based mental health programs, Department of Juvenile Services, Court Systems, and Social Workers to identify those clients in need of immediate psychiatric rehabilitation interventions.

Our Mission

NEO Health Care Services’ mission is to provide quality care services for individuals with mental health illness and co-occurring conditions in Baltimore County and surrounding areas. We work with clients to promote recovery, regain normal independent functioning, effective integration into their communities, utilize and translate best available research evidence into practice, and achieve client goals.

Our Vision

NEO Health Care Services values respect for person which eloquently pronounces the very right of every individual to privacy, confidentiality, self-determination, health beliefs, and recovery. We genuinely care for every client, recognize the dignity of everyone in all interactions, and appreciate and provide compassionate and culturally congruent care.

Our Philosophy
The backbone of the PRP services is caring that is fortified with the inherent show of compassion, respect for the people you are caring for, tolerance, self-reflection and non-judgmental approach to care. Hence, ensuring clients holistic well-being with respect to their cultural or ethnic background, religion, and sexual orientation.

Nothing is more rewarding than to make a difference in the life of a client to promote their health, safety, and minimize suffering by providing them with quality, compassionate, and authentic care. Because every individual has unique needs, to overcome their difficulties, we believe that the treatment plan should be tailored to meet every client’s needs.

NHCS focus includes:

  • The individual as the “whole person”
  • The family
  • The community
  • Collaboration with referral agencies and other mental healthcare providers

To be accepted/ or admitted into the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) at NHCS

  • Individuals must be under the care of a psychiatric and/or a psychotherapist

Office Hours

  • Monday to Friday
  • 9:00am- 5:00pm
  • Saturday
  • 10:00am- 3:00pm

For more information, call us at 240-552-0264. You can also send us a message for further inquiries.